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Golfing holidays have become increasingly popular over the past decade and are a perfect way to unwind and catch a tan, whilst also enabling a healthy dose of rivalry to take place during your break.

If you’re thinking of booking such a sporting vacation, you’ll be pleased to know that golf courses are popping up at a steady rate in pretty much every country you can name. 

However if you’re looking for something a little more unique, there are also a number of golf courses which are bizarre enough to become talking points in their own right, even before you’ve managed to buckle your first club.

Here I have compiled some of the world’s unique and strangest golf courses and holes.

  1. 1 The Movable, Floating Green - Idaho, USA

    Coeur d’Alene Resort Golf Course in Idaho is unique though its course 14th hole. According to its owner it is the world’s only floating Movable Island and due to its location is only reachable via its charming, dedicated Putter Boat shuttle.

    This 22,000-ton marvel changes anywhere from 90 to 220 yards a day to make for a completely unique experience each time you play this hole!

    Package prices start from $152 ($304) in the Spring (minimum booking of 2 people), but most days cost $300 up to $440 for premium days like July 11th!

  2. 2 Brickyard Crossing Golf Course - Indianapolis, USA

    Indianapolis Motor Speedway is host to a number of high profile racing events due to its world-famous 2.5 mile track. What many people fail to realize however, is that within the confines of said track sits four holes of Brickyard Crossing Golf Resort. There’s even a water hazard within the track in the form of a lake!

    Tee prices start from $110 including cart and GPS or reduced replay rates and after 4pm gets you a hefty discount.

    Well worth a visit for any golfing and motor racing enthusiast.

  3. 3 Himalayan Golf Club - Pokhara, Nepal

    Now picture a huge valley cut from the earth. In the center of the valley a pristine, bluish green river flows roughly through. Now place the coolest golf course you’ve ever seen etched into the landscape. You are at the Himalayan Golf Club in Pokhara, Nepal.

    This 9 hole course may be just 3,360 yards but due to the unique layout and unusual terrain it will take hours to complete. 

    Prices are incredibly reasonable starting at just $50USD and you'll have bragging rights that you've played golf in Nepal!

  4. 4 Legend Golf & Safari Resort - Sterkriever, South Africa

    The Legend Golf Resort, surely one of the most beautiful and longest courses in all of Africa. Measuring in at just shy of 8,500 yards this course has a surprise 19th hole that needs a helicopter ride to reach!

    This hole is situated nearly half a kilometer above the green, near the tip of Hang Slip Mountain. Tee off is 470 yards above the hole and the green is in the shape of the continent on which it is based.

    While it costs an extra £200 to play this hole, the pictures alone are worth the price!

  5. 5 Green Zone Golf Club - Finland & Sweden

    In Green Zone Golf Club 9 holes are in Finland, the other 9 in Sweden and you have the ability to play a round of golf in two countries at 2am whilst the sun is still shining. If that isn’t a unique golfing experience, I don’t know what is.

  6. 6 Coober Pedy Opal Fields - Cooper Pedy, Australia

    Coober Pedy, Southern Australia is without a single blade of grass. Due to the aforementioned heat, the majority of the golfing takes place at night using glowing balls.

  7. 7 Nullarbor Links, The Longest Round - South Australia

    The 18 hole course only stretches 1,365 km along the coast of South Australia. Officially it is the world’s longest golf course with an average distance between holes of about 66 km.

    It takes a few days to get through this mammoth golf course, but you get travel a lot of the Australian coast while migrating from hole to hole. The longest distance between two holes is a staggering 200km!

  8. 8 Stone Harbor Golf Course - NJ, USA

    The course’s designer, Desmond Muirhead, was asked to design 18 unique holes back in the late 1980s and whilst all were certainly interesting, none confused as many people as the 7th hole.

    This hole is a challenge unlike any other, as the green is boat shaped with a maximum width of 60 feet and length of 125 feet. If that's not difficult enough for you, there are two large water-born traps on either side framed in pincher-like teeth to emulate the crushing clashing rocks.

    Unfortunately the hole has since been redesigned but we've left it in as it's such a unique design we felt it needed inclusion.

  9. 9 Uummannaq, Greenland

    It is home to the World Ice Golf Championship and offers stunning views of icebergs and formations. It’s a lot like normal golf; except the greens are called whites and the golf balls are red. The course changes every year based on the position of the fjords and icebergs.

  10. 10 Prison View Golf Course - Angola, Louisiana, USA

    The nine-hole course was built and is maintained by prisoners, who aren’t allowed to play on it. It was designed by the prison dentist and appears to be much like any other golf course. 

    Anyone wanting to play must apply 48 hours in advance so they can be screened, and play may be suspended at any time “due to institutional need or at the Warden’s discretion.”

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